A culinary cooperative established by Milieu Hospitality                                                         

August & September dates are open 

We needn’t look far beyond this crisis to recognise the opportunity that has been presented to us. A responsibility to address important, existential questions about the relationship between business and community. We believe in an equitable society, one which genuinely acts to benefit all in its reach. Open Kitchen is our privilege to help others through food. 

Our intention is to nourish a culture of contribution as a living concept of our business, beyond the effects of the current climate. We simply hope that a small, ongoing commitment could be something for all to consider. After all, we have never been in a better position to look after our most marginalised people and more broadly, the natural world.


Open Kitchen offers complimentary meals to hospitality professionals who have lost their jobs, had hours dramatically reduced, and particularly those without access to Australian government support. All meals are vegetarian and serve two people. 

With the generosity of sponsors, the next 6 months will allow us to offer support to this important community, who are critical to the colourful fabric of our industry.


Meals are available every Tuesday and Thursday starting May 12th.  

Pick-up is between 2pm - 4pm.


49 Peel St, Collingwood 


Meals can be reserved via Eventbrite with a limit of one per person. An allocated collection time will be given to ensure social distancing.

Meal preparation photographed by Jana Langhorst                                  

Open Kitchen wouldn’t be possible without the support of our primary sponsor:


And funding partners:


We are also overwhelmed by the generosity of our supporters who have offered goods and services.

(in alphabetical order) BiopakJana Langhorst, Molly FairhurstNeil Hugh Office, Northside Fruit & Veg, Olivia Evans and Studio Hi Ho.

We welcome any additional offers of support that could allow us or others to scale this project and help more people. If you are interested in becoming apart of Open Kitchen please email us at info@milieuhospitality.com.au

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